Surrendering to His Timing

As we step into October,

in the land where currywurst(sausage with a very good curry sauce) and pommes(fries) seem to follow you all around, we are growing closer to our God of eternity and are understanding our need to surrender all desires and wants to achieve things in our own time but in the time God has appointed for us. 

Past Month

This past month has been truly God lead. We were put through many circumstances, both tough, and stressful, but we have realised that all things come to pass in God's perfect, and I mean perfect timing. To wake up every morning, with God's purpose in our heart and with a hunger for the next steps has been a privilege. Through it all God has comforted us, protected us and also provided for us. We know that God has His eyes on this nation and the souls of this nation and we are excited and expecting to be a part of it. It is not always comfortable, but it is powerful to be in the midst of what God wants to do.

For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. - Habakkuk 2:3

God's Perfect Timing

It has been arduous to have our expectations high with every door that we've been through, as almost 90% of the time it does not go the way we want it to. But it has taught us the importance of surrendering to God's appointed time. Praveena and I have quit trying to understand the reason behind God's commandments for us. Most of the time, we don't understand it. But the Bible teaches us to Obey God not to understand Him. We have 10 days left in this nation and we have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. We know He will make a way, because God has never failed and He won't start now. He has provided miraculously every single time, and he has protected us a million times. We believe He will do a miracle and make it possible for His ambassadors to stay where He has called them.

Ambassadors of Christ

Meanwhile, we are ambassadors of Christ. In our walk, and in our talk. In the testimonies we share and in the encounters we have with God himself. We focus our time on building up our knowledge of His word, and we go deeper into HIs presence every single day. We leave the house, we take the train and we walk wherever we are told to go. We've cried with refugees praying for them and feeding, we've blessed strangers with coins, and gotten free train rides, we want to Love like God loved us. We want to Love like Christ Loved us.

God loves Munich

God loves Munich. God has broken our heart for the souls here, from the cashier at Aldi, to the Döner shop owner, we feel a weight quite unlike anything else we have felt. We want to just sit for hours in shop and observe people. We are completely in love with this nation. And we see that God is softening our hearts through all the difficulties to see the Love that He wants this nation to be submerged in.

His Love and Favor

Through that very love, we were supernaturally connected to this other church called ICF, and we were given an opportunity to share our vision from God with them. And the very moment we began to pray, The Spirit of God came and gave us favor with them. Slowly, they offered us language courses together with the refugees and they are also now finding all ways and means to keep us in Munich for longer. God's favour is not always how we expect it to be but it always does the job.

We have 10 days to our return ticket to Singapore, and other than missing our family and friends, we really do not want to come back. We are praying for God's miracle, so we can testify to everyone that God will always keep His promises and only ever wants the best thing for you.


Do pray for us that in these next weeks we are able to experience God's supernatural favour and be a testimony for all the people around us. We miss and pray for you.

The Cartelli's