It's a New Day Dawning.

A very blessed new year to all.

It's been two and a half months of being Singapore, serving and having time with the family here for the holidays. This time back in Singapore we chose to dedicate ourselves to working in ministry full-time. Serving in every capacity we could whilst we were here. 

In Singapore 

Praveena felt moved, after our experience in Germany, to start a woman’s meetings. Wednesdays were dedicated to worship and fellowship over dinner whilst Saturdays were dedicated to cover teachings tailored to empower young women in functioning in their fullest potential in the Kingdom. This opened so many doors for us to communicate to others the truth of Jesus Christ and our call and purpose in His Kingdom.  I on the other hand worked at the café’ that our church owns, serving our mentor (the chef) and helped out leading the worship in Praveena’s meetings. 

God has been very faithful to us. As we seek His Kingdom and Will, He gives us His seal of approval by anointing the meetings, and sessions with His Presence. The more diligently we seek the Father, the more perspective we gain about His Word.

God also empowered us to be able to hold Supper Clubs in return for donations for our friend in Cambodia. We were able to serve 3 course meals, just like we learnt from Barbara, for a minimum donation and people were kind and generous in donating to the different causes. Discipleship and mentoring became a vital commitment in these months too, following up and teaching the ones we have been trusted with is always a huge responsibility.

The Process

God is growing us and moulding us. He is showing us new dimensions to His Presence. With every woman’s meeting and every Thursday or Sunday service we feel God move with increasing intensity.

It is my firm belief that God is preparing us for a time of revival in Europe. Though we might not know how, nor when, we lean on the ever-present strength and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide us to where we must go. Thus we remember always: 

“the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” – John 14:26


We told everyone back in Munich that we would be leaving Singapore on January 20th. By faith we believed that we would leave on this date, but we had no assurance of it. By faith we believed that God would provide through His abundant riches and we were blessed with sufficient support to purchase the tickets and will be doing so in the coming week.

In Germany

This year is filled with many mysteries for us. For the next 3 months, as we go back to Munich, we will be serving the ministry of the church that welcomed us. We will be dedicating our time to the study of the language first and foremost and then to the functioning of their café’ – having the experience that we now treasure from Cambodia and Singapore. There are more plans in the works about us heading our very own congregation, but that is still in progress. We pray and believe that we will be granted a long term visa to stay in the country for longer periods of time and are currently searching for any means to secure that.

There is a great excitement about what is to come and we cannot wait to see God’s plan unfold. We have been so humbled by His hand that has unwrapped moments in our lives like gifts. We do not know what is coming with certainty and that remains one of the most exciting parts about following God fully. Like a loving Father He holds us and carries us from moment to moment and we will continue to update this page every month to let all of you know what God is doing in our lives.

Our prayers and thanks are with all those who have helped us to get to where we are, to our mentors and family, to our church and the many friends that we were able to share with this time around.  

God bless you and keep you, 

Riccardo Cartelli