It is a pleasure to be writing to you again. Firstly, and most importantly we want to express how grateful we are for your support, and your encouragement. As things get more and more overwhelming, your support and our God keeps us in check and running the race at the right pace.


It is absolutely amazing to see how much God had prepared the soil before we came here to serve as we can see so many hungry souls that are sensitive to the Anointing and to the move of The Holy Spirit, even though they might not always call it that. We have now the privilege to not only see the needs of the people, but to ask God for wisdom and to act without any fear. And when God tells us to do something, to do it immediately.

My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.

— Psalm 51:17

A Broken Vessel

All that God really requires of us is that we can be a broken Spirit. When you fill up a vessel that's in perfect condition, it benefits the other vessels that you choose to fill up consciously. But when you fill up a broken vessel, through the cracks and the broken nature of the vessel, the Anointing will spill out to the envirionment the vessel is nested in. And we see this happening around us, because of our brokeness and time spent in The Anointing, people feel a difference in the atmosphere and this then leads us to testify to the reality of The Person of The Holy Spirit.

Teaching and Discipleship

This has led us to disciple and teach people. With the fear of God we pray and prepare to the best of our abilities for the people we teach. It is always a blessing to dive in deeper into the word  and to seek revelation for others. It is becoming the way we read our Bibles and I'm grateful for that. Do keep the women and men we teach in your prayers.


The church is big and has constant events and programmes. We enjoy working in the capacity we have been trusted to work in and are sinking deeper and deeper into the culture and the language. Both being very important keys for us to access the people. 


We have more exciting news, but we will wait for the best time to share it. Til then we bless our family and friends with God's rich love and we pray for our mentors in Singapore and for the church in Singapore. That God's fire is always burning deep in your souls.