The Perfect Destiny

As many know we are back in Singapore for a short period of time to tie up loose ends and to attend to different legal obligations. We are excited to see what God is going to do in the time we are here.

The Holy Spirit

His Presence and the need for His Presence in our lives has become the main priority and reason for our call and drive. As we took a week to process the past three months and took the time to update our church and family on our lives and our beautiful country, we feel led to start  Worship Sessions every week. It will be two hours of pure worship, just diving deeper into the presence of God. We look forward to starting these sessions as we feel deeply that God is going to move us deeper into the realm of worship and songwriting in the time that we are here. The ability to lead and sing worship has been the greatest companion and tool on the missionfield as it has always given us an outlet to reach the Father in our truest forms. We would be Glad to have you join us in this realm as we seek God together in One accord.


5pm to 7pm

One Pemimpin

1 Pemimpin Drive


The Perfect Purpose

Amongst the many legal obligations and the other errands that we had to come back to singapore for, God had a perfect purpose for us coming back. 

4 days ago my Grandmother had a second stroke and got admitted to the hospital. Currently bedridden and in recovery, it struck me that God had supernaturally arranged for us to be here. We can now be agents of God´s truth and love in a setting where normally our faith will not be tolerated as much. We believe that God´s plan is sovereign through it all. And we pray that we yield to His truth and declare His hope through all the situations that arise. Please join us in praying for God´s strength for our families through this time. We are grateful and honoured to be used in a season like this.


The Good News

After 2 years of chasing our calling in Munich, Germany, 3 trips, many flights and a million prayers, we are happy to say that we have a contract waiting to begin in July in Munich. ICF Munich, the church and new found family we will be working for perserveared to the very end to come up with a contract for us and to finally have it in our hands and to embark on the visa process is an exhilarating one. 

We have a year long, renewable contract, with the church to work in the Cafe, the areas revolving Biblical teachings and Discipleship.  This is a dream come true and a promise fulfilled. God can part the seas for His people and He can do it again and again if needed. God´s provision was evident every step of the way and the favour we had with the people that he connected us to was and will always be our miracle and hope for the future.

So in short, we are moving to Munich. Our calling and our new home. We are made and are being shaped for revival. And this is our first step. We are excited to be used by an amazing Father, and we are looking forward to walk our life in the very perfect destiny set for us. 

The Perfect Destiny

´Walk through the fire and not be burned, pray in the fight and watch it turn, Jesus tonight I give it all to you`


We want to thank Barbara and  Steven Nicaud for their constant words of wisdom and encouragement.  A big thank you to Antioch and our family in Singapore for the countless prayers and concerns. And finally we are incredibly thankful to our supporters who have financially supported us month after month, thank you. We pray for God´s protection to be over you and your family. And we thank you one Last time for your believe in God´s calling on our lives.



Praveena and Riccardo Cartelli