Our Purpose Our Father

Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and encourage with every form of patient instruction.
— 2 Timothy 4:2

As our passport lies with the German Botschaft, we wait patiently to hear from them. In the meantime our lives here in Singapore, the sunnier side of the world does not stop but keeps going.

To be prepared in season and out of it, is a truth that truly resonates with us in a season such as this. Many plans can be made to fill up our days but very rarely do they hold any real Purpose. The words 'in season' and 'out of season" both refer to a time in which there are convenient opportunities to serve and when there is a lack of or no opportunities to serve.

To find a way to serve our Father when there seems to be a lack of opportunity, was a really mind boggling concept. But in searching Him we have found answers to our confusion and frustrations.

In Season (eukairós)

Serving the Father in season, always seems a lot more straight forward. When people come to you, when doors open, when your heart is moved with compassion, when testimonies are well received. It feels right. You know why you were called, you know why this land, why this people, and you know why this season. You can feel that you are riding on the back of purpose and that all things will eventually fit in its place.

Out of Season (akairós)

This is when it gets tricky. When the boat rocks, when the storms come, when the stillness is cold and when you feel just a little lost. It is not convenient for you to preach, or teach or to do anything, so now what? The phrase out of season in greek, refers to the lack of or no opportunities at all, and I found that rather interesting. How do we preach without opportunities? How do we serve without any open doors? How do we glorify the Father?

But we focus so much on justifying ourselves with the acts of service that we do, that we often forget that our first and most important act of service is to be with God. We were created for fellowship. Fruitful is not always doing, sometimes it's being. Being with God, to see the way He sees the world, it's to feel the way He feels for His people, and it's to hear the words He speaks over us. So maybe 50 people don't turn up for your cell group meetings and maybe everything in your personal life is heavy, but that does not mean that we cannot be fruitful or that we are not.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose lies in Pleasing our Father. The Father decides how fruitful we are. And to the Father soaking up His Presence, diving deeper into His word and fellowshipping with His Spirit is FRUITFUL.

And this is our focus for this season. To be with the Father and to walk with the Holy Spirit. We have weekly fellowship sessions and Worship nights that we conduct and we help out here in our church in Singapore whenever we can. It is a blessing to be part of God's church. We have the privilege of visiting family and friends in this short season before we move to Munich, and we pray for this nation that has allowed us to be all that we are today.

Keep us in your prayers as we do our family and friends from all around the world.

Praveena & Riccardo Cartelli