Jehovah Jireh

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
— Philip 4:19

Yesterday marks 2 months since we said goodbye to our friends at the Flügafen München. It has been a very unexpected stay here filled with many moments of God's miracles and provision and we are leaning on Him yet again for our last phase in Singapore.

In a month we move to Munich. And no matter how many times we say that, or write that down, it doesn't become real to us. But as we see God's hand and provision every step of the way leading to our move, we have nothing to say but the our Jehovah Jireh provides for our every need and we need not have any fear that our needs will go unfulfilled. We thank God for this fruitful journey we have been put on 2 years ago in search of an open door in God's nation, and all His ways that we've witnessed.

From the flight tickets, to the luggage, to the new roof that we'd like to have when we move to Munich, everything needs money. But the fluidity of money in our ministry thus far is a sure sign that God's provision cannot be put in a box or limited to what we understand of Him. He supplies for our needs according to His riches and not what we think He should be providing. And as a result He constantly amazes us.


His Anointing; He Provides

As we prepare here, diligently for our work with ICF Munich, the church we are working with. We are beginning to see God providing us with revelations and the authority to speak them out. Especially during our weekly worship meetings, God shows us time after time that He is indeed no respector of persons. That as long as Jesus feels welcome in your meetings, God can and will come to Honor the meeting with His Presence and therefore providing His Gifts and Revelations.

Spending more and more time in the presence of the Anointing, has anchored us to the truth that as disciples of Jesus Christ we should be striving to live an absolutely miraculous life where we give logic no power to take captive the move of God. That our lives have now been sanctified by the Author of our lives and we need not quiver in fear at anything, but boast about the very fact that our every need will be fulfilled and met at the right time.

His Comfort; He Provides

The right time is often the key word we all struggle with.

Many a times when there comes a time where we grieve, or we are disappointed or we are just completely and utterly crushed, we tend to think that God never provides or has forgotten us. But very often not true. Our Jehovah Jireh provides for everything we need at that very moment so in the tough times, He will grieve with you and His comfort will become all that you need.

God's blueprint for us is often not as straightforward as we'd like it to be. It's rarely about the ups and more about the downs. It's rarely about yourself and has more to do with us. Jesus himself was sent for others.

Your Destiny; He Provides

The time here has made us realise that our destiny is rarely about that one big moment rather about the small obedient steps we take. It is often the process we go through that earns us the strength and wisdom to function and remain in the Anointing. It is often our faithfulness and loyalty to God's call that allows God's provision to come through.

God weaves our destinies together, so that our promises are fulfilled at the right moment and circumstance, to stir and cause fruition in the other destinies that are connected with ours. His blueprint for our Lives is about touching others through and with The Father's Anointing.

If we take each step with careful obedience and remember the Love that saved us in the first place, we can watch Him provide for our Destiny.

We are excited to see how God provides for our ticket back to Munich and how His miraculous timing and provision will provide us with a roof over our heads. In the end, everything is done for the Glory of God, and we are just a small part of His magnificent plan.


Ricky und Prav