You are my One Desire.

After a long and challenging process, filled with unexpected twists and turns, it is absolutely miraculous that on the 9th August 2017 we moved to Munich. A call that started burning in our hearts in the year 2015, saw it's next major step in God's Grace and impeccable timing. We want to thank our one and only Jesus Christ for all that He has made possible for us, and for God's unfailing love.

We are extremely psyched, and really overwhelmed with all that has come to pass in the past two years. We have seen, and now can say for a fact, that our God is really and truly faithful to His words and to His promises. What God calls you to do, He will bring to absolute completion. We are happy to be able to share some of His amazing works in this post.


Singapore has always been home to both of us. We are often so grateful to be submerged in the Presence of God, to be energised and to be re-fuelled. This time, Singapore turned out to be more than just that. It was us reconnecting with family, tying up loose ends, and finishing up our worship sessions and discipleship that we were doing. It was also a huge blessing to have the time to connect with our friends and to share stories. As we left, we were both very emotional as this time we knew we were being sent out of the church for a duration of time God, and only God knew. We were living a life of faith, and that was one of the most overwhelming realisations we have had.

When we got married God spoke to us clearly about this concept of "Missionaries supporting Missionaries". Learning and growing under the mentorship of Steven and Barbara, we have seen how they have always fuelled other missionaries while they themselves were missionaries and we have since prayed for us to do the same. While we were visiting Singapore, we were blessed with a house, that now can help in fulfilling this vision of ours. We will be renting it out and using the proceeds to fuel missionaries around the globe, as The Lord leads us. While in Singapore, we used the last week before moving to Germany to do up the place and we are sure that God has great plans for this place. Do contact us personally if you'd like to be a part of this vision.

His love never fails. And He proves it to us through every situation we've had to go through these past 3 years. We are grateful for every moment, hug and blessing that were showered upon us in this time we were back home. Now we move forward. a step at a time, towards our calling.

Germany, Munich

It is an absolute honor for us to be able to feel a part of the weight that God feels for a nation. And for Munich, God feels.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.
— 2 Peter 3:9

Often we have felt, that our process of coming into this land has been extremely long. But slowly, just in this past week that we have been here with our new family, ICF, we are seeing God's perfect timing in all things. We were welcomed warmly by our friends Andy and Susi, whom we are staying with, and the very next day drove to the Church's Staff Vision Time, an annual event where the church staff come together to seek the vision of God for the church. It was a rather intense time meeting waves and waves of familiar faces, and getting reacquainted with German's love for the Sun.

Though very jet lagged and ill, we were very grateful to have been accepted the way we have been accepted in this church and land. Thank you ICF for believing in God's call for us.

ICF - Church Work

We are slowly inching our way through all the bureaucracy of this Land and also taking bite sized pieces of our workload here. We have lots to do, but first we need to align ourselves to the vision of the church and then to seek God in enabling us to serve the way we need to serve here. We will update you more and more as we begin our work from the 1 September.

Jesus, You are our One Desire

We would like to take this time to thank every single person who has supported us financially to get us to this point. We pray for God to bless you with His Peace and His Provision. We are grateful to all the homes we have rented in the pass 2 years, both in Singapore and in Germany. You have clothed us, fed us, and given us a roof to stay under and we cannot express with mere words how absolutely grateful we are. Thank you. 

And Jesus is our one and only Desire. We have nothing without Him and we will do nothing without His hand on it. We pray and seek His wisdom and patience in all things. And we strive to bring the Reality of His Presence wherever we go.

Do keep us in prayers.


Riccardo & Praveena Cartelli

Photo Cr: @Tim Marshall