His Word as our Foundation.

A month later...

Everything begins with His Word. And so does our calling in Munich.

We are learning to live a life that is completely founded in the Word. The challenge is often making the time to spend time with God's Word and by extension God himself. It is then a question of discipline and hunger. We can be hungry, but without the discipline to daily invest in The Word, the quality of our Christian life does not change.

We now work a full week with the church, dipping our feet in the Cafe ministry,the Men's and Women's ministry respectively. We are also embarking under the wing of ICF, a Love Changes Action project, where the main aim is to reach the unbelievers with the Love of God through Prayer and Worship. It is hardwork that satisfies our bones.

It gives us both great joy to be used of God in His church. As days pass by quicker than we can keep track, we realize and rejoice that God is incharge of all things and all timings. We have so many wishes and desires, but Our Father in Heaven only has good plans for us. Now, without a home for 2 years, we can truly understand what Jesus meant when He said:

 ” Then a teacher of the law came to Him and said, “Teacher I will follow you wherever you go.”Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”
— Matthew 8:19-20

And as followers of Jesus Christ, we experience His Power and Love and we also accept the suffering and pain. As much as it has been a challenge to not have a place to call home, or to have a place to start a family, God has proven himself greater by giving us the opportunity to be blessed by 8 families in 2 years. We celebrated, this September, 3 years of marriage and also 3 years of our lives, lived in complete dependance on our God and Father. He is worth it all.

Right now, we are grateful to have a room in our friends place. As we exchange testimonies and lead a weekly worship night, God is surely revealing more and more of His reality to His people. Day after day, we experience His miraculous provision and peace through all the beauraucracy and details of the nature of our lives here. There is nothing quite like leaning on The Father for your every need.

We hope to keep you updated on our growth and journey here in this precious land. 

We also dearly miss our friends, Michael and Nicole Nicaud and their precious son, Logan. To see mother and son healthy and home, brought tears to our eyes. We pray for the Nicauds, as God brings them through this next phase with Grace and Joy.

To our church and family back home, we hope to encourage you. Through it all, Love never fails. All we have to do is to constantly tap into the Love of God and learn to function in the fullness of His Love. We want to thank our supporters for investing in God's calling for our lives, and we pray that His blessings be upon you.

Pray for us as we look for a home, and walk in the way of The Lord. 

We pray that Antioch is constantly edified and made stronger in The Presence of our King.