The Holy Spirit is on a Mission

Thank you to all those who constantly keep us in prayer. It is an honor to be called by God to another land. We have heard many different views about the word missionary; that it's just a term used to refer to anyone who spreads the good news, or that it refers to those who hold up flags that say " turn or die"  but having had the privilege of learning to dissect the Bible and learn it for what it is, we see cleary that the word missionary never appeared in the Bible. However the word missionary originates from the Latin word 'missionario' which is the translation of the word Apostle oder Apostolos in Greek. The word "Apostolos" referred to someone who was sent out of where he was, he was a delegate and a messenger with orders from the High Place to fulfill the calling.

Truly, truly, I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.
— John 13:16

Here we see Jesus referring to himself as the messenger, which in turn refers back to the same word 'Apostolos' This gives us the perfect picture of the missionary calling, it is someone who is sent out of their home, emptied of all their status, power and recognition, into a land where they fulfill the mission from God. It is emptying yourself so that God can deposit in you the power to speak the language, to perform miracles and to reach people with the love of God.

This is what we are. And these pass few weeks back home meant so much to us both as it refilled us, reoriented us to The Holy Spirit's mission and also reconnected us with our family.

The Holy Spirit is a Person

Time and time again, this revelation is something we hold on to very dearly. And perhaps you are reading this and thinking, why the lecture. But truly understanding that the Holy Spirit is a person will unlock your freedom to experience the Holy Spirit as the Holiest Person that has ever lived on earth. 

When Jesus was on earth and performed miracles on the sick, from making the blind see to making the lame walk, all we read is the factual events that took place. But we often wonder, when the Son of God cleanses us, and touches us, and begins a miraculous process in us, The Holiness that he is will definitely burn us first. That might cause us to express ourselves in screams, or overflowing joy or just grateful tears, but that will cause us to express ourselves. And that's exactly what the revelation means.

When we start really truly seeing the Holy Spirit as a Person, and as The Person, we too can experience a real touch from Him, and he can change us by putting His hand deep into our core. 

Our time in Singapore, reminded us of our purpose in Germany. The Holy Spirit is on a mission for people to see, know and encounter Him as a Person. If we make changes as humans, it's through methods that sound like they will free you, but if we yield to The Holy Spirit, and dive into our encounters with Him, then God transforms you and your relationship with the Holy Spirit is more real than any other relationship you would have had.

On a Mission

No matter what it takes, we will pursue God and intercess for this nation. God's Germany. That they encounter Him in the most amazing, overwhelming and freeing way. We have many plans but we wait for The Lord to direct our steps. We are grateful for your prayers and your support. And if you would like to support our mission, then do contact us via email or messenger.

He is alive.