Loving God is loving His Will.

We have now been in Munich for 9 months. Being here, and working with people from various Christian backgrounds has been a big challenge and we have learnt a lot and are continuing to learn. We are constantly transformed by the Bible and constantly press forward. The work in the Cafe is seeing fruit slowly but surely, and we are serving our leader's vision in the best way we can.

This last two months has been exceptionally challenging as we've had to face many questions about our future, and about why we are not growing as a family and also about why we still have not found a place to call our own.

Often people see that we have a different relationship with The Holy Spirit, and that the way we move in The Holy Spirit is different. We have people come to us with questions about the reality of The Holy Spirit and also how we do what we do with The Holy Spirit. On the other side, we also have received many questions about why "good" things are not happening for us when we have what seems to them as a real relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Why we still don't have a flat, why we still don't have kids and so on.

It is a daily fight, to hold on to God's Hand and Word, and to believe that He has the best timing and that He will provide for everything. That just because we are missionaries, that does not mean that things go smoothly for us. People often do not understand why people who obey God and give up everything for Him, do not have it easier. Sometimes, we ourselves do not completely understand it. But the one thing we know is true, is His Love and His Son.

Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’
— Matthew 22:37

We love God, and we serve Him because He loved us first. And we are proud to say that we are not ashamed of the Story that God has written for us. Yes, that's right. God has our story written down. We don't always have access to the blueprint of our life, but we do have access to the One who drew our blueprint. And this is what's important. That we worship and pursue God and not the plans He has for us. Loving God, is Loving His will for our lives.

We want a flat. We want a family. But we need God to have His way in our lives, because that is the only way His perfect plans can see fruition. His Perfect plans that doesn't just concern you alone but plenty of souls. And Jesus was the best example of this. Jesus paid the ultimate price. He left His status,position, holiness and came down to earth to die for sins that he did not commit. He was the first missionary, and we look at Him as our role model.

 We aim to serve His Voice and we are thankful for the wonderful mentors and friends in our lives that support us and pray for us. We are praying for you and the church back home and hope that you continue to edify each other. 

Prayer Requests: Do pray for the people we are forming relationships with in the hospital and the brothels. And pray for the church here to grow in their hunger for God's revelation and Spirit.

Liebe Gruße,