Awakening of The Awareness of The Presence of God

As we step into February, we hold on tight to the Promise God gave us for this precious land and His people and we remind ourselves what He told through our Pastor and Mentor, Steven, back in our church in Singapore.


An Awakening of The Awareness of The Presence of God.

It has nearly been 3 weeks, and we are immensely grateful for the work that has been trusted into our hands in God's good timing. Through the past weeks, we have had several meetings with the leaders of the church, and many prayers shared. With mutual agreement and the seal of approval from The Holy Spirit himself, we have began working alongside the team members in the "Love Changes" cafe.

Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?


"Love Changes" is their outreach platform to attract and welcome people into the presence of God and then reaching out to individuals. Just this past Sunday, I witnessed that happening almost organically. Whilst the church which takes place in the club below, throughout the day, the cafe serves from 10am to 10pm. Just in these twelve hours, Ricky and I were able to testify to 6 people about The work of The Holy Spirit in our lives and seed questions of The move of The Spirit in people.

With the Holy Ghost present, the words rolled off of our tongues supernaturally giving us the wisdom to plant seeds as needed in the different individuals. And as we shared this with our mentor back home, she reminded us that for any Revival to occur, The church, the Body of Christ, first needs to be Revived. It needs to be filled with the hunger to experience the Demonstration of The Holy Spirit. And we strongly feel that the cafe could be a catalyst in this process.

All things come with a price, and in this case the price is hard work. Which is what we absolutely love and cherish in this season that we are entering. The work is tough on the bones, and the cold weather does not always aid us, but it fills us up to be working for Jesus in this capacity. To have the opportunity to be His vessels in the very land that we were called to is beyond anything we could ask for. We are pinning our hopes and dreams to the work that Jesus is doing through us and through the amazing vessels around us, in this season.

Seasons come and go, and that is a lesson we've learned. And so we want to keep our head down on the work we are doing here at the cafe and the weekly Bible Study, and leave the future and the mysteries that come with it to Jesus. There's so much peace in knowing that you are not in control of the future.

We have been blessed with a room that we rent, whilst living together with the Bible College students from the Church, and it has been an honour to listen to the way God is moving in every one of their hearts. Provision is always a stretch a faith, but truly and surely God uses the unexpected to provide for us and for the many expenses we have here. This is a season that Ricky and I are choosing to be consumed by the Fire that God is, through the Study of His Word, Worship and the Work that is entrusted to us.

We are preparing for something big. But little steps are crucial.

We pray and hope that everyone at home is well and that our church is soaking in The Presence of Jesus. Keep us in your prayers,

Ricky and Prav