What is going on?

Currently, in transition between Singapore and Germany, we believe to move to Germany in 2017. Our fire for the nation and for the work that needs to be done in the nation has completely overwhelmed us and we are praying for God's guidance in all areas of our needs. Below are the needs we are praying for and we are excited to see God fulfil His promises through us.

 German Language School

German Language School

620 Euro as deposit

God has provided a way for us to become German Language students. We are therefore raising funds, and Seeking His Kingdom tirelessly to be able to pay the deposit to book our place for next year. If you'd like to aid us in anyway please get in touch with us by clicking on the Giving tab above.


A Roof and a home 

As we look to move to Germany, we are also looking into housing options. Our desire and prayer is to be able to have a home that we can be based in for a long period of time to do all that God has called us to do. If you'd like to aid us in this process of having a home, please do so by clicking the Giving tab above.